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We are committed on bringing the most effective methods for non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping. We offer three types of Body Slimming treatments. The first and second are combined with Infrared therapy* to flush toxin and fat out.

First type is the Mineral Body wraps, the process involves wrapping the body in elastic cotton bandages that have been soaked in special minerals that pull the fat out. The second type do not use bandages, but uses proprietary creams. The cream is applied directly to the body before you step into a sauna suit.  The third is an Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment.  By using the latest RF and Ultrasonic Cavitation technology, it allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat to eliminate cellulite.

*Exception is the Active Body Wrap, where exercise is involved.

In addition to body slimming, we also offer Spray Tanning, Facial, Waxing and Teeth Whitening.

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